Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ghosting the boy

I've been working on my ghosting technique ever since my little one found out I could turn him into a ghost with my camera. It's his preferred method of having his photograph taken. Unfortunately, it means I don't see much of my kid in the actual work product.

If you've never ghosted an image before and would like to get this type of shot of your own kid, slow down your shutter speed and tell your kid to move. And lower your ISO to 100 or 200. And don't forget your aperture. You'll want to close that down since the majority of your light will be coming from the longer shutter speed. It sounds like a lot but if you already know how to make those adjustments, the rest is just a reason to play with your kid(s) and your camera.
ISO 200 Aperture f/16 Shutter 1/3 second

ISO 200 Aperture f/16 Shutter .6 second

ISO 200 Aperture f/13 Shutter 1 second

Sunday, September 8, 2013