Thursday, November 10, 2011

Portland People

I took Joni Kabana's and Jan Sonnenmair's Street! Photography Workshop the weekend of Halloween. Here are some of my favorites of folks around town. Learning how to approach people on the street to photograph is sort of intense, but most of the people I spoke with were surprisingly open to it. We shot around Pioneer Courthouse Square, Occupy Portland, and Hawthorne (with some photographers trickling over to Belmont). 


  1. Do you have the contact information for any of these people? Just curious as to whether they'll ever know they are the subject of such great photos.

  2. I had contact info for about half of the people I shot and I have emailed them copies of the pics. I was tempted to get prints of the folks at Occupy Portland so I could go back and hand 'em out, particularly the younger folks who all seemed really pleased that someone wanted to take their pictures.